Private Relaxation Session


Private Relaxation Session


Private Relaxation Session

£65 per session

Following on from the Positively Birthing Course I am here to support you, share information and resources right up until the birth of your baby- via email and messenger. If you feel you would benefit from meeting again in person this is the perfect session!

Many couples utilise these sessions if their clinical circumstances change- such as finding out baby is breech, planning for a cesarean or induction, or making plans for a new birth place. They are also a lovely thing to build into your maternity leave, so you are able to relax deeply and easily, meaning as soon as your baby is ready to be born- your hormones are doing ALL the right things!

Every relaxation session is entirely bespoke to you- but generally we can focus on-

  • Relaxation, building positivity and starting to feel excited about birth!

  • Putting together birth preferences for a variety of circumstances.

  • Running through birth preferences- particularly any new things that have come up- such as induction or cesarean plans, breech babies, or different clinical circumstances.

  • Recapping tools you can use for labour.

  • Rebuilding confidence and fear release.

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