Private Relaxation Sessions

£65 per couple

Once you’ve completed your hypnobirthing course, I am available via email, phone or messanger to send you information, resources and support you right up to the birth of your baby.

If at any point in your pregnancy you feel you would benefit from meeting again in person, be that to talk through birth choices, get you back to a place of feeling positive after a wobble, or talk through something new that has come up on your pregnancy journey then this is the perfect session!

A standard relaxation session focuses on fear release, recapping the relaxation tools and talking through any concerns or birth choices. The sessions are entirely bespoke to your individual circumstances- perhaps you’ve reached 42 weeks of pregnancy and want to chat options and move forward on a positive foot, perhaps you’ve found baby is breech and you’re faced with some decisions to make, perhaps you’ve decided to opt for a cesarean or induction and want to feel confident and positive about this new plan- whatever your reason, get in touch and we can work out the best way to support you moving forwards.

The relaxation sessions are currently only bookable by previous Positively Birthing clients. If you’re looking for a full course, short course or refresher session, follow the link below!