Wouldn’t it be handy if you could access evidence based, positively presented and easy to understand information about birth all in one place? Well, now you can!

Positively Birthing Online is your FREE online antenatal and hypnobirthing resource bundle, designed to compliment the Full Course. These articles, videos, MP3s and resources are here for you to dip in and out of throughout pregnancy; and access information on the physiology of birth, tools and tips for a positive experience, your birth choices, navigating the NHS maternity system and the tools and techniques of hypnobirthing.

Believe me when I say, you don’t even know what you don’t know! Are you ready to make your dreams of a positive birth a reality? If you’re looking for something in particular, search below, otherwise just have a browse!

The first step to a positive birth experience is getting yourself (and ideally your birth partner) clued up on what’s happening physiologically during labour. From the hormones to the muscles, how they all interact and most importantly WHY they are SUCH an important part of labour! This is always the part that has people going ‘OH MY GOD! WHY DON’T THEY TEACH YOU THIS AT SCHOOL? WHY ISN’T THIS THE FIRST THING YOUR MIDWIFE TELLS YOU WHEN YOU’RE PREGNANT?’. Believe me, this could change everything.. Use the search tool below, or start with our signature articles.

So what can you do from a practical perspective to help yourself during labour? What birth choices might you like to consider? Where do you want to give birth? What about pain relief? All these choices can seem a little overwhelming, so dip in and out of this section during pregnancy. But do gather as much information as you can, the magic of a birth plan is in the MAKING of it! If you don’t know all your options, you don’t have any! The articles below will start to uncover the evidence behind many of your birth choices, cover a lot of the ‘what if’ situations that make arise (and how to make those positive). Know what you’re after? Use the search tool below or simply have a browse!

Place of Birth Choices

One of the first decisions you will make around your birth is both which trust to book your care with and where you would like to give birth. Did you know you can book you care under ANY hospital in the entire country if you wanted to? It doesn’t have to be your nearest. You don’t even have to see your GP first, most maternity units will have a ‘self referral’ system online.

Once you have ‘booked’ with the midwife you might start considering where you would actually like to be to give birth. You have three main options when accessing NHS care. Hospital (Labour Ward/ Delivery Suite), Birth Centre (Freestanding or attached) or home. You may also be considering private care, be that from an independent midwife or private obstetrician (These are likely to look like VERY different choices, so do your research first!). You are also within your rights to access no care at all, though I would urge you to consider that choice very carefully. All women should have the option to consider all places of birth, though some may be more suitable than other in some circumstances. Have a read around what these options may mean for your birth, and use the handy decision making tools in the next section to help you decide!

Birth Place Study

The Birth Place Study

In 2011, researchers reviewed the labours and births of 64,000 low risk women, which provided us with an excellent resource to compare birth place choices.

Based on the planned place of birth, researchers compared everything from interventions to adverse outcomes for baby; rates of tearing to rates of augmentation (speeding up labour.) You can read the full study (it’s long!) here, or I have included a summary to the left. This can be a helpful resource to include when deciding where to have your baby.

Pain Relief Options

Whether you’re hoping to avoid it all, or jumping on anything you can get your hands on, it’s important to understand the risks and benefits of all your choices AND how you can make those choices positive!

Birth Choices

Starting to think about what you might like your birth to look like? Who do you want there? Where do you want to be? What if you’re offered interventions? What can you to make things as positive as possible? Scroll through the many articles from Positively Birthing Online for TONS of hints and tips to help you decide!

A huge part of making birth positive, isn’t WHAT happens, but HOW. Simply being a part of the decision making process, understanding your options and feeling supported in your decisions can make any experience a positive one. The UK Maternity System can be a difficult thing to navigate, but if you are able to step off the ‘conveyor belt’ of care, and access personalised choices, you are well on the way to an amazing birth! This section will talk you through how to decide what it is you want and how to communicate that with your healthcare team. If you know where you’d like to start, use the search tool below, otherwise get started with the signature articles and work your way through!

positively birthing hypnobirthing birth plan preferences template

FREE Birth Plan Template

One of the simplest ways to communicate your wishes with your health care providers is to pop everything down on paper and give to them when you meet in labour.


One of the most common decisions women face if whether or not to accept an induction of labour. Be that as a routine offer ‘for dates’ or because of a medical concern for either you or your baby. Using the decision making tools above will help you gather personalised information from your midwife or doctor, and some of the articles below may be useful too! An induction is a serious medical intervention, but in the right circumstances can be a really positive way to give birth, if you just what to ask for!

Got Questions or Need Support?

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Positive Birth Group Forum Facebook Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is a set of relaxation tools and practices that allow us to reframe the way we feel about birth. As you will now know having read through the ‘physiology’ section, fear (and adrenalin) can have a MASSIVE impact on the birthing body. By eliminating any fear of birth itself, it enables us to remain calm and relaxed throughout labour, manage the sensations of contractions more easily and ultimately help birth run more smoothly. Hypnobirthing isn’t just appropriate for a ‘natural’, vaginal birth however, if anything the tools are even MORE helpful if you find yourself if a more difficult set of circumstances.  Know what you’re looking for? Use the search tool below! Not sure where to start? Have a flick through the listed articles or try out our FREE guided relaxation MP3.

Guided Relaxation

A key tool of hypnobirthing is the use of guided relaxations. Suitable for use in pregnancy or labour itself, you can download your FREE relaxation MP3 below.

Positive Affirmations for Birth

Positive Affirmations are a hypnobirthing tool with many uses!

1) In pregnancy, to help fill your subconscious mind with positive thoughts about birth, so by the time the big day arrives, you feel free from fear and are read to let your body do exactly what it needs!

2) In labour, transform your birth space by putting up your affirmations! In any wobble, moment of stress or panic, coming back to these cards will keep you grounded, reassure you and take you back to a positive place.

3) Birth partner cue cards! The language we use in pregnancy and birth is super important to protect a birthing mother’s emotional state and hormone production. If as a birth partner you are running out of positive words- you might find some cues in here!

You can purchase the Positively Birthing Cards using the link below/right. Or alternatively, if you’re feeling creative or in the mood for nesting, why not write your own? There are 3 simple rules to writing affirmations-

1) Always write them in the 1st person (Me, I, My baby)

2) Always write them in the present tense (Am, Is, Are)

3) Exclude any negative words (Can’t/don’t/won’t)

Not Your Average Affirmation Cards
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Positive Birth Stories

Another huge part of hypnobirthing is beginning to fill you subconscious mind with all things POSITIVE about birth. We have MANY positive birth stories (of all kinds) to share with you (so many that they get their own section below)!

Whether we like to think so or not, we will have had negative and unrealistic ideas about birth thrown at us from all angles for most of our lives! Whether that’s the ‘One Born Every Minute’ type programmes where they scream and shout and it’s very dramatic, or the American sitcom type programmes where their waters break in Walmart, they lay on their back huffing and puffing for 20 minutes and out pop three babies! Believe it or not, the ideas that the media put in our head can have a huge impact, not only on our emotions and decision making around birth, but even on the physiological processes of labour! Mad huh? Reading positive birth stories in preparation for your own birth, is a great way to help put you in a positive head space as well as gather hints and tips from real mums that you can apply to your own birth! If you’re looking for a story that applies to your personal circumstances, enter some keywords into the search bar below! If you just want to fill your cup with some positive stories, get reading, there’s LOADS!