Positive Birth Story: Induction Birth after Complications

We’re delighted to let you know that our baby girl arrived safe and well after a very positive but completely not as expected birth experience.

Things took a bit of an unexpected turn when I had a fairly heavy bleed at 40+4 which was suspected to be from a placental abruption. After examinations showed my waters had broken but I was not at all dilated, we were advised to start syntocinon immediately to induce labour. There was some pressure from the registrar to start straight away but, using what you taught us, we asked if it would be possible to wait a short while. The registrar agreed to give us some time which we used to have a long chat with a truly fantastic midwife who gave us a lot more information to base our decision on. After going through the BRAIN tool, we decided that an induction felt right. While the decision was ultimately what the registrar had advised, being able to take the time to think it through and make the decision for ourselves made all the difference to our mindset going into it. That, together with having the time to do a relaxation script and get the room more comfortable, meant that I felt calm and positive when they started the syntocinon. 

Thankfully everything progressed smoothly and quickly from there and baby arrived less than 4 hours later! I was amazed at how naturally the breathing techniques came to me after practising them during pregnancy, and they made such a difference to my comfort levels that I didn’t feel that I needed any pain relief at any stage. Despite what could have been very stressful circumstances, the whole experience was so positive, I felt like I was on a high for days! 

We wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you taught us. Your course was fantastic and both the practical tools and the hypnobirthing techniques proved to be invaluable. I have no doubt that we would never have been able to stay so calm and have such a positive experience in those circumstances if we hadn’t done your course. We honestly cannot thank you enough!

This couple took a private course with Positively Birthing. For the tools and tips for your own positive birth experience, check out our course options!