Positive Birth Story: Home birth following a difficult first experience

STM - very quick home birth 39+4, en caul. 

Robin Frank, 7lbs 5oz.

Practised hypnobirthing religiously throughout. My practise fell around the third tri as I was doubting my ability to do it but even so I did it! 


I went to bed Sunday night expecting to get some rest but instead had regular surges that were mild but too much to sleep through. So I got up and went downstairs and woke my partner for 3:30am ish. 

Midwife arrived at 4:00am when surges were every 5 minutes or so. I was coping well with up breathing and my tens machine until 11am when things tapered off (did an inspection to find I was a disappointing 2cm) and midwives decided to leave and come back when things amped up again. 

I laid down for an hour and managed some dozing. When I woke at 12:30pm surges were every 4 minutes but very copable with breathing and therefore we decided to wait to call back the midwife just to be sure things were going the right way. 

By 13:30pm I was mooing down the phone for someone to give me gas and air and telling my partner I couldn't do it anymore. He was amazing, tried to keep me calm (despite the mooing and shouts of doubt) and the midwife arrived shortly after 14:00pm. 

Little did I realise that the mooing was baby coming, which I didn't even think to consider given I was only 2cm a few short hours ago. 
She hooked up the gas and air and within 5 minutes I was alot more calm. 

I took in alot of gas and air through the panic and it did feel like I was dreaming. I came back around just to feel my baby's head crowning still in his sack. A few short pushes later (involvantary pushes might I add) and he was delivered en caul by two amazing midwives at 14:25pm. His sack ripped very soon after delivery and he cried within a minute. 

With my eldest I couldn't feel anything due to the epidural. Not even the urge to push. With this little one I felt it all but in a powerful way not a painful way. I felt him twist out as his shoulders and body were born and I felt him coming down the birth canal and the first words out of my mouth were "I f***ing did it?" to my partner who was crying alot by now! 

Placenta took an hour to come so I had the injection to help and only had a small graze and a small tear which I've opted to not have stitched (mainly because I was so done by that point that I couldn't deal with anything else). 

Baby is happy, chill and feeding well and I'm so impressed with myself! 

Honestly I thought I could never do this. I can't even have an injection without wincing and getting worked up but I absolutely smashed it and had the birth I so wished I had with my eldest. Two very different births because of two very different mindsets!