Positive Birth Story: Induction for a first time mum

Thankyou to Tara and Chris for sharing their positive birth story following their group course with Positively Birthing. It just goes to show that even in the face of difficult decision making, birth can still feel like a positive experience!

After a low risk and straightforward pregnancy, we learnt unexpectedly at 38.5 weeks that our baby’s growth had slowed, and as a result we would have the option to take an induction. It was quite a big shock, and the weight of the decision felt like a lot of pressure.

After taking a couple of days to think about it in detail, and using the BRAIN tool to work out what was best for us, we decided to go ahead with the induction. 

The labour and delivery process that followed was far from what we had imagined; among other things I was monitored constantly, we couldn’t use the birthing centre or birthing pool, and i eventually required an assisted delivery. 

However, all these unforeseen changes and complications to our ideal birth plan actually made the hypnobirthing techniques we had learnt with Positively Birthing even more useful and important, as there was a real need to make the situation as positive, calm and relaxing as possible. Things like massage, scripts, lighting and music became real lifelines when I was attached to the monitors, and my partners unwavering support and calm demeanour throughout gave me the strength I needed to keep going with every new twist and turn, and continue to adapt and reevaluate my own expectations and preferences in light of the many changes. 

Looking back, some of the changes we made to our plan actually contributed towards some of the calmest elements of our birth experience; for example I had envisioned avoiding pethidine (because I wanted to use a birthing pool) but actually using pethidine turned out to be a very positive experience. Even though we didn’t have the ‘perfect’ birth we envisioned, what we had was largely smooth, controlled and amazing, and made me feel very strong. The most important element for me throughout was feeling in control and also feeling supported, and I’m pleased to say that my experience was exactly that. The eventual arrival of our beautiful daughter confirmed further that we’d done exactly the right thing in opting for the induction, and I now wouldn’t change a thing.