The simplest decision making tool for pregnancy and birth

From the minute you fall pregnant you start making decisions. Some you won’t even realise you did, but you did!

Which NHS Trust did you book with? Did you know you can actually have chosen ANYWHERE in the entire country? You could have booked with an independent midwife.. a private hospital.. not at all even!

Did you have a 12 week scan? A 20 week scan? Do you know what they are actually for? (Besides peeping at your baby and finding out if you’re cooking a girl or a boy!)

Did you have blood tests? Do you know what they were for?

Have you thought about where you’d like to give birth? The Labour Ward? A Midwifery Led unit? Home?

Extra scans? Induction? Caesarean? Antibiotics? Epidural? Pethedine? Continuous Monitoring? Active third stage? Vitamin K? (And I’m BARELY getting started!)

Every single thing that happens throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and child’s life is entirely your choice. Obviously, a lot of the time recommendations are there for a reason, and midwives and doctors are a fantastic source of information and advice. But, ultimately, it’s all up to you in the end!

That’s a lot of responsibility though isn’t it? If only there was a tool to help you make your decisions.. (can you see where I’m going with this…)

Well, there IS! And it’s called using your BRAIN! With the support of your birth partner, midwife and healthcare team, you can utilise this tool to make sure any decision you make is RIGHT for YOU in that moment. That doesn’t mean you can’t go back and change your mind half an hour later. It doesn’t mean you might not get a different answer in a week. What is DOES mean is that you have taken control of that decision making process, you are fully informed and that you’re accessing really personalised care. THAT is what makes a birth experience positive!

Ok, so how does it work?

B- Benefits. What are the benefits of accepting this choice AND the benefits of declining?

R- Risks. What are the risks of accepting this choice AND the risks of declining?

A- Alternatives. There will ALWAYS be an alternative option, but you might not be readily presented with it until you ask!

I- Instinct. What does it FEEL like you should do?

N- Nothing. What if you did nothing… for 10 minutes? A day? A week?

If you’re able to gather ALL that information, then you’re a step closer to taking control of your birth experience and making it a positive one! More on that here.

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