So they think you're having a 'big' baby?

My baby is the right size for my body ❤️

Hands up anyone who’s been told their baby is ‘too big’ so they ‘have’ to be induced? I want to share a direct quote from the NICE guidelines (that should be followed by all hospitals) to clear this up!

The guidelines quite clearly state that ‘In the absence of any other indications, induction of labour should not be carried out simply because a healthcare professional suspects a baby is large for gestational age (macrosomic).’

Nice guidelines induction of labour for a big baby

Loosely translated this means for women with no other complexities such as diabetes, we shouldn’t be inducing on estimated size alone.

Your baby is the RIGHT size for YOUR body.

Growth scans can be up to 25% off as an estimation of birth weight. And a recent review of growth scan accuracy, when used as a tool to predict birth weight, showed that 80% of the time the scans over estimated a baby’s predicted birth weight. (This doesn’t mean that if there’s an indication for a scan that it isn’t a good idea, as it sometimes identifies other reasons for ‘measuring big’ such as excess water etc.)


If you’ve been told you might be carrying a ‘big’ baby and the seed of doubt has been sewn in your head there are a few things you can do to regain confidence in your body! Start by popping this affirmation up somewhere you’ll see it often! ‘My baby is the RIGHT size for MY body.’ And have a read of some positive birth stories of mums in a similar situation! (I’ve shared some links below). If you are a mum who’s got a positive story to share, PLEASE drop me an email and i’ll share it on the blog!

So, how big were your babies? Bigger or smaller than you expected?

my baby is the right size for my body big baby hypnobirthing positive affirmation

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