Positive Birth Story: Vaginal Breech of First Baby

I am utterly delighted to be able to share One of the mum’s from our Facebook Group, Lana’s Birth Story this week, whilst talk about breech simply being a variation of normal, it’s still default in most hospitals for women to be offered a c-section if their baby is breech. In actual fact you have three options and the final choice should always lie with you- a planned c-section usually offered on or around your due date, a planned vaginal birth, OR waiting for spontaneous labour before making your decision- as there’s always the possibility that baby will turn before labour!

Over to Lana for her amazing story…

‘It wasn’t an easy coming to terms that by still 38 weeks our baby was still in the breech position. We tried everything from spinning babies, visualisations, talking to baby, moxibustion and acupressure. Our local hospital offered us an ECV we decided that we would try it as our last option as our hospital explained that we would need to have a C/S as that would be the safest option for both myself and baby. We had our ECV at 38+2. It FAILED. The hospital made arrangements for the C/S for Thursday 13th September (a week later) I explained in a panic that was too soon! So they compromised and booked me in for 18th September (my due date) that would be the final date as it would be extremely unsafe after this point!

I was heartbroken and left to go home! I started to research all the complications and implications that a C/S would have. I really didn’t not ever want a C/S and seamed very odd that that would be the outcome. After all I was fine, baby was fine. I had a perfect pregnancy and was considered very low risk. We had our heart set on going to our local birth centre too.

Still carrying on with everything we’d been doing to try to turn baby naturally. We started looking at other options with the guidance of our Hypnobirthing doula Bev and at our next midwife appointment 12th September we spoke about changing to a different hospital that would consider us for a natural delivery. Baby was Breech legs extended (frank Breech) which we knew a normal delivery could be performed with the right team.

In our area there was Warrington, Wigan Wrightington & Leigh and Sheffield. As Wigan was the closest our midwife said to give them a ring, I rang as soon I left my appointment. Wigan said I’d need a referral, so I called my midwife and made a trip back to my doctors and got the referral!! Wigan explained I’d have to deliver the referral personally to process things. I drove down that afternoon. They arranged for us to meet the Obstetrician the very next day, which would be the first time seeing a doctor at this new hospital. The doctor was very nice, and positive and confident in supporting our decision to give birth vaginally to our baby. They arranged a scan to confirm that baby was still in the breech position. The whole experience with Wigan hospital and all the staff, was fantastic. The hospital just felt like a nice and comfortable place, the staff were very supportive, and even seemed excited that we had transferred, and that they could support us through our breech birth. They also found it a little baffling why the Doctors at Bolton wouldn’t support us through our Breech birth. This was a huge contrast to Bolton, where it was considered that there were simply no other options other than major abdominal surgery. But we’d experienced the PERFECT pregnancy, so this just didn’t seem appropriate. 
We came back a week later, still working on the spinning babies and other methods to turn baby. Thursday 27th September, we went in for an appointment with the same Obstetrician and ended up having a sweep, and found out I was already softening and 2cm dilated. He was positive that labour was already on it way. Time to wait and get ready.

Friday, after another long walk, I started with contractions about 11am about 20min apart while walking, got to about 5mins apart about 4/5pm so rang the hospital.
We got there I was being monitored and was only 2cm and very irregular they wanted me to stay but Jake had to go home! So we slept in the car for a bit and had a walk to see if things progressed. I was sooo tired labour slowed down to 10 or more mins apart. We left to go home around 2:30am I started with severe back pain with every contraction which became very frustrating. I manage to get sleep in bits, and felt a little more rested.

We went for a short walk around 11am Saturday and contractions progressed again from 30min or so. I had a bath and rested as advised by our Hypnobirthing Bev. I couldn’t really get to sleep because of the back pain. It was starting to seem unbearable, but I managed to focus on my breathing and stay positive.

Contractions progressed to same length and strength about 2/3pm and were 4/5min apart. I had a few paracetamols to ease thing a little. I rang the hospital again they said come in, but she asked if I’d had a bath, I’d had one in the morning, so I decided to have another bath before we left. We got to the hospital around 5pm contractions every 1:30/2mins apart. I was monitored and scanned to confirm baby’s breech position. Baby was fine & happy, and after a quick exam, we found out I was 4 cm dilated. Time to move in to a delivery suite. I still felt in control, and Jake helped to rub and squeeze my back. I had earphones in almost the whole time, with a playlist we’d arranged long beforehand.

I progressed further but kept my earphones in and Jake relayed the midwives advice to me, as they gave it. I felt pressure in my bum and contractions became more intense. I used gas and air to help me, up until it was time to get baby out. The doctor came in to examine me I was 10cm. I felt euphoric within my bubble, with my music playing and my mind focusing on breathing baby down. I was on all 4s against the top of the bed, tipped upright. Everybody was happy with my progress. The doctor asked me to get onto my back, so he could see what was going on and I had my feet in stirrups (not a position I’d thought I’d be in). It was easier to push down into my bum this way, and the midwife Michelle told me to put all my energy into pushing down rather than into noises. I listened to everything they said and followed all the advice I’ve had so far. In the last stage, I was pushing for about an hour (I found out later) and he was born 9:53pm Saturday 29th, 11 days after due date, weighing 6lb 6oz.


We can’t thank the team at Wigan hospital enough, you were amazing. Huge thank you to our Hypnobirthing and all-round Pregnancy Guru, Bev Partington Her help and advice has been invaluable and incredibly empowering.

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